The Electronics Team designs and tests the low voltage and high voltage systems that are needed to build an electric race car, such as battery management system, wireless telemetry, inverters and data acquisition.


The Software Team develops low-level firmware for the microcontroller-based electronic boards of the car and/or the higher level applications that are used to interact with and test the car, such as the cloud-based telemetry and the steering wheel interface.

Steering Wheel


The Mechanics Team is responsible of the design, simulation, manufacturing and assembly of all the mechanical components of the car: from the chassis to the transmission, to the braking system and aerodynamics.


The Driverless team works to convert Chimera Evoluzione into a driverless single-seater. The car has to be able to recognise a predefined track, bounded by a series of regulatory cones, and then complete it as fast as possible. The achievement of this macro objective is made possible by the close collaboration of various specialized departments: DV-PerceptionDV-MechanicsDV-Control.

Dynamics & Control

The Dynamics & Control Team works on the kinematics of the car and its components. They also develop active control algorithms, such as torque-vectoring and anti-slip, using both simulated and real data.

Business Plan

The Business Plan Team is responsible for developing an entrepreneurial project that will be presented to potential investors. In addition to the car-focused business idea, the members work on different topics such as the financial analysis over several years and the marketing plan.

Public relations

The Public Relations Team works with everything concerning the team communication. That includes the creation of both digital contents (photos, videos, graphic design works) and physical media (posters, flyers, brochures, team wear), as well as the management of the social media accounts and the organization of events.


The Treasury Team manages the financial resources of the team, ensuring tax compliance. They also have to maintain contact with the team’s accountant and keep accounting records.