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Please note that there could be multiple vacancies for a single position and that a person could fulfill multiple positions

Dynamics & Control
Public Relations

Electronics Team

Low Voltage PCB Designer

You will design, assemble and test low voltage PCBs

High Voltage PCB Designer

You will design, assemble and test high voltage PCBs for the tractive system

RF PCB Designer

You will design, assemble and test high frequency PCBs and radio systems for our telemetry system

Wiring Designer

You will design the wiring harnesses for our cars, from the connections, to the choice of wires and connectors.

Accumulator Designer

You will design our new high voltage accumulator

Powertrain Engineer

You will work with our inverters and tune them in order to obtain the maximum performance

Software Blamer

You will blame the software team when something doesn’t work. It’s always their fault

Software Team

Low-level Developer

You will develop the firmware for our custom microcontroller-based circuit boards

Telemetry Developer

You will develop a desktop application that allows us to remotely view real time data from the car and do offline analysis.

Steering Wheel Developer

You will design and develop the user interface of our steering wheel, displaying high-frequency sensor data and providing vehicle controls for the pilot

Charging Handcart Developer

You will manage the software that allows us to charge and monitor our high voltage battery that powers the motors.

Perception System Developer

You will develop algorithms to obtain information from the environment, creating a map and a trajectory that the car will use to drive itself.

Hardware Blamer

You will blame the electronics team when something doesn’t work. It’s always their fault

Dynamics & Control Team

Suspensions Designer

You will design and optimize the dynamics of our custom suspension system

Steering Engineer

You will design and optimize the steering systems of our cars, using kinematic optimization

Telemetry Analysis Engineer

You will analyze the data acquired from our tests in order to provide feeback on the performance of the controls and the vehicle dynamics

Traction Control Engineer

You will develop custom torque vectoring and anti-slip algorithms to increase the performance of our vehicles

Vehicle Setup Engineer

You will set up our vehicles’ suspensions, tyres and balancing in order to maximize the dynamic performance

Management Team


You will keep track of all transactions, manage our bank accounts and prepare annual financial statements

Procurement Manager

You will manage the purchasing process for everything that is needed

Cost Report Manager

You will work with all members of the team to create the documents that are needed in the Cost Report Events of the competitions

Business Plan Manager

You will develop a scalable business plan for our team that will be explained in the Business Plan Presentations of the competitions

Public Relations Team

Sponsor Manager

You will find new partnership opportunities and communicate with our current partners


You will shoot and edit pictures for social media, website and external requests, in order to share our progress with everyone


You will produce and shoot and edit videos for our social media platforms and for our sponsors

Graphic Designer

You will create new designs for our clothing merchandise, social media posts, car stickers and many other


You will write the descriptions for our social media posts, manage the content of our website and write press releases


You will manage our domain, introduce improvements and keep our website updated

Social Media Manager

You will manage our social media accounts, creating new content with a regular schedule

Event Manager

You will manage and coordinate all our events and all those we are invited to