The University of Trento FSAE Team was founded in June 2016, with the ambitious goal of building a vehicle in less than 12 months. Our logo depicting an eagle was chosen because it is the logo of the city of Trento. The team consists of 60 students, all from the University of Trento.

E-Agle TRT where E stands for electric: our mission is to develop a Formula 1-style open-wheel racing car, thus demonstrating the effectiveness of innovative solutions made possible only by electric propulsion, a field that we believe still has a lot to say in racing. It goes without saying that without a combustion engine we can reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, so one of the objectives of the entire project is to respect the environment as much as possible.

The technical part of the team is made up of students, divided according to their specific skills, who attend courses in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information and Communications Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Materials and Production Engineering. We also have some students from the Department of Economics and Management who are involved in resource management.

When it comes to the development of the car, we also use the help and advice of our technical sponsors, consisting of local companies.

How we work

Our team is set up according to the model of a real company. We are divided into 6 cross-functional sub-teams: Design, Dynamics and Modelling, Electrical and Electronic, Economics and Management, Material and Fabrication, and Racing Team. All teams cooperate with each other by working together.

In addition, Trentino Sviluppo, a company of the Autonomous Province of Trento, provides us with the opportunity to develop our project by granting us space at the ‘Pro-M Facility lab’ within the Mechatronics Pole in Rovereto.

The competition

Formula SAE is an international competition between university students. This project consists of the production of a racing car in all its aspects (design, modelling, testing and sales). The vehicle must comply with strict regulations that dictate the measures to be followed in order to meet specific technical requirements.
Every year, Formula SAE events are held in different parts of the world where a commission assesses the development and environmental impact of the project. Subsequently, the vehicle’s efficiency and power are tested in a series of dynamic track tests.

Our latest results

Formula Student Germany
  • Engineering Design: P33
  • Efficiency: P11
  • Endurance: P11
  • Autocross: P27
  • Business Plan: P16
  • Cost Report: P49
  • Overall: P34
Formula ATA
Varano De’ Melegari
  • Engineering Design: P3
  • Efficiency: P6
  • Endurance: P6
  • Autocross: P5
  • Business Plan: P15
  • Cost Report: P19
  • Overall: P11

Competition structure

The competitions are structured into different activities that can be grouped into two main categories: Dynamic and Static events.

Dynamic events





Static events

Engineering design

Cost report

Business plan

Technical inspections

Mutual support

We are always looking for commercial and technical partners who can help us by sponsoring us; any help provided will be rewarded by us.
In addition to the visibility, which a project of this importance can give, we offer our sponsors a collaboration with the University and the possibility of drawing on its graduates for a series of internships.
Visibility will also be offered through our website, social networks and all public events in which we will participate.